Create and Update an Annual Joy Calendar to Live With A “Ravenous Thirst For Life” With Author Patrice Tanaka & Dr. Marina Kostina

Originally written and posted on Create and update an annual Joy Calendar. One of my New Year’s traditions is to create a Joy Calendar for the upcoming year so that I can plan and schedule joy in my life. You’ve heard the adage: That which is not scheduled does not happen. I believe that. Moreover,…Read More

How to Hire Ethical People – Patrice Tanaka

Originally written and posted on Joining me on this week’s episode is Patrice Tanaka, co-founder of three award winning PR and marketing agencies and currently, the Chief Joy Officer at Joyful Planet. Patrice discusses number of key topics including: What questions should you ask to make sure you are hiring ethical people? How can you…Read More

What Makes Us Influential?

Originally written and posted on I returned last night tired, but energized from a four-day Dress for Success “Success Summit” attended by 100 women leaders globally. As I contemplated this post Shonali asked me to write on the topic of “influence” it occurred to me that the hugely gratifying Success Summit was a perfect illustration…Read More

How Do We Achieve #BalanceforBetter?

Originally written and posted on This year’s theme of International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter, which is a call to action for creating a gender-balanced world. So, how do we turn a slogan into a call to action for all, including women and men? I believe it starts with creating strong leaders – both women and…Read More